faq - shipping

Do you ship?

Absolutely, we proudly offer shipping services for our semi truck parts across the entire continental U.S., ensuring our customers can access our quality products regardless of their location. When you find the parts you need and proceed to checkout, we make the process simple and transparent—just provide us with your ZIP code. Once we have your ZIP code, we promptly calculate a shipping cost quote for your specific location. 

Our dedicated team strives to provide accurate and reasonable shipping costs to keep your expenses minimal and satisfaction high. Not only will we inform you of the shipping cost, but we'll also give you an estimated time of delivery, allowing insight into when you can expect your ordered parts. We understand the importance of time in the trucking industry, so we endeavor to provide reliable and swift deliveries, ensuring your truck is back on the road as soon as possible. Whether you are ordering a single part or require multiple components, we are committed to facilitating a smooth and efficient shipping process from our door to yours.